Teeth Whitening
teeth whitening eugene oregon teeth whitening

It’s normal and natural that over time you teeth will discolor. The changes in the color of your teeth can attributed by many factors: food and beverages (ie. coffee, tea & soda), tobacco use, medications or illnesses, and of course improper oral hygiene. At Oregon Family Dental we can help restore your teeth and you can regain natural white smile. We are Oregon teeth whitening professionals and our main goal is to meet the needs of every patient. Ask one of our friendly staff and they will be happy to share with you in more detail about the treatment below.

Choose from 3 different Oregon teeth whitening options:

  1. Custom Take Home Oregon Teeth Whitening Trays
  2. In Office Teeth Whitening
  3. Power Whitening: A combination package with Custom Trays & In Office Teeth Whitening

Nothing improves your appearance more than a Bright, White SMILE!