Baby Teeth

Although baby teeth will not be your child’s permanent teeth, it is still important to take care of them to prevent extensive dental work and health problems. Baby teeth typically do not begin falling out until age six and may linger in your child’s mouth until eight or even later. Learning how to take care of your child’s teeth can help the baby teeth stay strong until it’s time for them to fall out.

Baby Teeth Timeline and Proper Care Methods

Baby teeth are already present in your child’s mouth at birth. The first tooth typically begins to show between the ages […]

Results from large international clinical trials provide dentists…

Results from two of the largest international clinical studies performed to date with dental implants have just been published and demonstrate excellent clinical performance. Together, the studies have evaluated more than one thousand Straumann Bone Level implants in Europe, the US and Australia. The scope of these studies is particularly remarkable in view of the fact that most dental implant companies do not conduct clinical trials because they want to cut costs and do not have the capabilities.

The studies are also remarkable in that they both reported very high implant survival rates of more than 98% with practically no bone […]

Think before you drink: Erosion of tooth enamel from soda pop is permanent

You may be saving calories by drinking diet soda, but when it comes to enamel erosion of your teeth, it’s no better than regular soda.

In the last 25 years, Kim McFarland, D.D.S., associate professor in the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry in Lincoln, has seen an increase in the number of dental patients with erosion of the tooth enamel – the protective layer of the tooth. Once erosion occurs, it can’t be reversed and affects people their whole life.

“I’d see erosion once in a while 25 years ago but I see much more prevalence nowadays,” Dr. McFarland […]

Dr. Park Receives Eugene’s 2010 Best Boss Award

The staff at Oregon Family Dental is pleased to announce that Dr. John Park was the proud recipient of The Eugene 2010 Best Boss Award presented by Dandelion’s Flowers & Gifts. The staff nominated Dr. Park and his wife Sandy for this award due to the incredible graciousness, generosity and selflessness that they exhibit in their lives on a daily basis. Each staff member has been personally touched by their kindness and well doing for others. Dr. Park & Sandy’s open hearts have encouraged their staff members to do their part in helping to change lives by simple, random […]

Certificate Of Appreciation From St. Vincent de Paul Society 2010

Dr. Park was presented with a Certificate for Dental Support for Veterans through St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County for a second year in a row. This honor was given to Dr. Park for changing the lives of veterans through his compassionate care.

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