Teeth Whitening
Eugene Oregon teeth Bleaching eugene oregon teeth whitening

Over time it natural that your teeth will darken. The changes in the color of your teeth may be caused by a few factors: food & beverage consumption (ie. coffee, tea & soda), childhood medications and/or illnesses, tobacco use as well as improper oral hygiene. At Oregon Family Dental we can restore your teeth back to their natural white shine.  We are trained Eugene Oregon teeth bleaching professionals whose main goals are to meet the needs of every patient. Our friendly staff would be happy to share with you the treatment below in more detail.

Select from 3 different Eugene Oregon teeth bleaching options:

  1. Custom Take Home Teeth Bleaching Trays
  2. In Office Teeth Bleaching
  3. Power Whitening: A combination package with Custom Trays & In Office Eugene Oregon Teeth Bleaching

Nothing improves your appearance more than a Bright, White SMILE!