In efforts to help curve the spread of COVID-19, the Oregon Dental Association has recommeneded that dental offices suspend all non-emergent dental treatment. Effective immediately Oregon Family Dental will be suspending routine treatment in our office until Tuesday 4/7/2020.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency during this time you can call our office phone number which will have instructions on how to reach Dr. Park. A dental emergency will be considered: Severe tooth pain (not just a twinge), Swelling of your gums, face or neck, bleeding in your mouth that does not stop, infection or a substantial risk of infection, or Trauma - such as a broken tooth.

I know our staff has reached out to several of you today to reschedule your appointments during this break. If we've been unable to reach you please note that if you have an appointment scheduled between 3/17/2020 and 4/3/2020 - your appointment has been cancelled. Please help us by reaching out to our office after 4/4/2020 to reschedule your appointment.

We appreciate your understanding as we try to help to curve the spread of COVID-19.
Take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

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Child Dentistry

/Child Dentistry

25 Hilarious Tweets About The Struggle Of Being The Tooth Fairy

Good luck, parents.

By Hollis Miller

Parenting is already a 24/7 gig ― so when your kids start losing teeth, making sure the tooth fairy visits them while they sleep is one more item on the list.

Sometimes the tooth fairy forgets to stop by or doesn’t have money to leave (because who has cash these days?!), and often it’s a struggle to get in and out without getting caught.

Leave it to the funny parents of Twitter to share their hilarious tooth fairy escapades and frustrations. Check them out below, and if your kid is in the phase of losing their teeth, good […]

Stop Giving Your Babies Fruit Juice

The “health halo” effect can certainly make foods seem healthier than they are. Fruit? Healthy. Fruit juice? Must be, too. But if the American Academy of Pediatrics wants to make one thing clear, it’s that “healthy” doesn’t apply to fruit juice for children under age 1, according to its latest recommendation.

That’s because fruit juice doesn’t provide these young children with any nutritional benefit, and it could be contributing to rising child obesity rates and dental health concerns. This recommendation marks the first time the AAP has updated its stance since 2001.

Overall, fresh fruit is preferred to fruit […]

Baby Teeth

Although baby teeth will not be your child’s permanent teeth, it is still important to take care of them to prevent extensive dental work and health problems. Baby teeth typically do not begin falling out until age six and may linger in your child’s mouth until eight or even later. Learning how to take care of your child’s teeth can help the baby teeth stay strong until it’s time for them to fall out.

Baby Teeth Timeline and Proper Care Methods

Baby teeth are already present in your child’s mouth at birth. The first tooth typically begins to show between the ages […]

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