In efforts to help curve the spread of COVID-19, the Oregon Dental Association has recommeneded that dental offices suspend all non-emergent dental treatment. Effective immediately Oregon Family Dental will be suspending routine treatment in our office until Tuesday 4/7/2020.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency during this time you can call our office phone number which will have instructions on how to reach Dr. Park. A dental emergency will be considered: Severe tooth pain (not just a twinge), Swelling of your gums, face or neck, bleeding in your mouth that does not stop, infection or a substantial risk of infection, or Trauma - such as a broken tooth.

I know our staff has reached out to several of you today to reschedule your appointments during this break. If we've been unable to reach you please note that if you have an appointment scheduled between 3/17/2020 and 4/3/2020 - your appointment has been cancelled. Please help us by reaching out to our office after 4/4/2020 to reschedule your appointment.

We appreciate your understanding as we try to help to curve the spread of COVID-19.
Take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

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Stop Giving Your Babies Fruit Juice

The “health halo” effect can certainly make foods seem healthier than they are. Fruit? Healthy. Fruit juice? Must be, too. But if the American Academy of Pediatrics wants to make one thing clear, it’s that “healthy” doesn’t apply to fruit juice for children under age 1, according to its latest recommendation.

That’s because fruit juice doesn’t provide these young children with any nutritional benefit, and it could be contributing to rising child obesity rates and dental health concerns. This recommendation marks the first time the AAP has updated its stance since 2001.

Overall, fresh fruit is preferred to fruit […]

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are named after the time of a person’s life when they are most likely to appear. This period is normally sometime in the person’s 20s or 30s, a time roughly called young adulthood. The wisdom teeth, or third molars, appear at the back of the top and bottom rows, and they can be painful if they do not integrate with the other teeth. For example, some wisdom teeth enter at an angle that clashes directly with the other teeth. These wisdom teeth are called impacted because they can push other teeth out of alignment.

Assessing Symptoms

Each patient may have […]


Preventing Dental Cavities With Sealants

In the fight against cavities, dental sealants are one of the frontline defenses. Designed from a type of plastic material, the sealants are used as a barrier to prevent cavities from forming. Normally, the back teeth like the molars and premolars can start to decay and break down over time. To prevent this from happening, dentists apply sealants to the chewing area to prevent decay and keep the teeth strong.

Ideally, individuals should brush their teeth and floss every day. By taking care of the teeth, plaque and food particles can be removed from the smooth […]

Gum Disease

Gum diseases can cause a variety of problems including adult tooth loss. These problems often build over time, and there is always the possibility of developing an infection in the tissues surrounding either row of teeth. Many gum diseases may be present without the person actually knowing that a problem exists. Part of the reason for this is that many gum diseases do not cause any pain. For example, many periodontal disorders begin when plaque builds up around the base of the teeth. In addition, bacteria that builds up on the body of a tooth can also contribute to gum […]

Root Canal

While the idea of root canal treatment can be a bit scary, this procedure can help a person’s smile by providing welcome relief from toothache pain and saving their tooth. Why try to save the tooth? Keeping the natural tooth in place offers many advantages; it preserves a natural appearance, maintains the sensation and force of the normal bite, and protects the surrounding teeth from strain.

A Tooth’s Anatomy

In order to understand the ins and outs of root canals, it helps to know a little bit about tooth anatomy. Here are a few basics:

  • The crown of a tooth is the […]


Dentures: What You Need to Know

Over 35 million people in America are edentulous, meaning that they have no teeth. About 90 percent of these people wear dentures, and another 15 percent opt to have dentures made every year. In addition, 178 million people are missing one or more teeth. Numbers are expected to grow over time, especially as the population ages, making dentures more common among American adults.

Why Dentures?

Being partially or completely without teeth may not only be uncomfortable but also unhealthy. Without a full set of strong teeth, it’s difficult to eat nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. […]

Tooth Sensitivity: What It Is and How to Treat It

Tooth Sensitivity: What It Is and How to Treat It

Tooth sensitivity is no laughing matter. In fact, those sharp and sudden pains can make even the toughest person groan in agony. All it takes is one sip of hot coffee or a cold beverage to ignite the pain, make you wince and place your hand over your mouth. It can even hurt to brush or floss your teeth every morning and night. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, ignoring the pain won’t make the problem go away. If you are experiencing tooth pain, please call our Eugene Dentist office to schedule […]

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