Bioclear Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry in Eugene Oregon

Oregon Family Dental is proud to announce that Dr. John Park is Certified to perform Bioclear Cosmetic Dentistry.

Bioclear is a minimally invasive & cost effective treatment using clear forms which are filled with a composite material matched to the shade of your teeth. The forms are removed leaving behind smooth contoured composite that has a beautiful shine and that is smooth to the touch. The form sits just below the gum line, meaning the teeth will appear to emerge naturally revealing a healthy and youthful smile.

Bioclear cosmetic dentistry
Bioclear Certified

Bioclear can be used for:

  1. Black Triangles – Dark spaces between the teeth (gaps) that can make the teeth look old
  2. Diastamas – The vertical gap in-between teeth
  3. Undersized laterals or Peg laterals – This is where the tooth has not grown to its full capacity making the smile line look uneven


Bioclear Eugene Oregon

Call our office today and we’ll show you how simple it can be to transform your smile and give you the confidence you deserve.


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